Social Events

  • Welcome Reception

    MUSE, Wednesday December 14

    MUSE Archive. Photo Hufton&Crow

    MUSe is The new Science Museum of Trento, open since 27 July 2013. The building itself is a novel architectural structure, designed by Renzo Piano, whose outline recalls the profile of the surrounding mountains and whose interior balances the contrast between empty and full spaces, adding charm and prestige to the entire exhibition venue.

    MUSe combines characteristics from both traditional science museums and modern Science Centers, enriched by a strong social element that underpins its vocation as a meeting place.

    The permanent exhibition of MUSE uses the metaphor of the mountain to describe life on Earth. Starting from the top of the building, the terrace and the 4th floor allow one to encounter the sun and ice. From there one descends to investigate issues of biodiversity, sustainability, and evolution, until, at the basement, the wonder of the tropical greenhouse is revealed.

    During the reception, participants will have the opportunity to freely visit the Museum.

    Participants will reach the MUSe on foot. MUSe, Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3, 38122 – Trento

    MUSe, Corso del Lavoro e della Scienza 3, 38122 – Trento
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  • Banquet

    Castel Toblino, Thursday December 15

    University of Trento archive. Photo Myriam Stettermayer

    The Toblino Castle is a magnificent stronghold that rises from the middle of Lake Toblino. Its fame arises from its fantastic location, the beautiful landscape surrounding it, as well as the many dark legends that have stemmed from its walls. The rocky ness that up to a few centuries ago was an island - when the water level was 2 m higher - 2000 years ago was the "home" of fairies to which a small temple was dedicated in the 3rd century A.D.. This amazing fact is "certified" by a stone plaque set in the wall of the castle's portico, which the archeologist Paolo Orsi states is "one of a kind in Roman epigraphy". Its magic/religious function gave way to its strategic military use as the temple was replaced with a fort over which the local squires battled at length. The castle we admire today is fruit of the renovation commissioned by Bernardo Clesio in the 16th century in which the manor was transformed into a residence, much acclaimed by the Prince-Bishops of Trento and especially the Madruzzos.

    Participants will enjoy a special menu conceived to introduce typical Trentino tastes reinterpreted in a modern way.

    Participants will reach the castle with conference busses.

    Castel Toblino, Via Caffaro, 1, 38072 Sarche, Calavino TN, Italia.
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